inFamous:Second Son Review

Hello everyone!

I have never played the inFamous series. I never had a Playstation 3 so a majority of the exclusive titles on the console I would rarely get to play. I was able to play a little bit of God of War III but that's about it.

I say this because if you see a lack of a compare and contrast to the last two inFamous titles in this review. You now know why.

With that also said, inFamous:Second Son is the first PS4 exclusive I have played that I enjoyed every minute of it.

I like the character Delsin, I like the graphics and I especially like the gameplay.

Let's begin.


In all honesty the story is not the strongest part of the game. The story isn't really a big player in the game. The story is there, but it's not there to intrigue you in anyway.

It's a simple superhero story. Our main character, the hero, is hunting after the main villain to get revenge after what the main villain did to the people the main hero cares about.

The story isn't anything special but the characters are.

Delsin, Reggie, Fetch and others are the big players in this. Their back stories, reasons for their actions in the world is more interesting and memorable in the game.

Delsin, when he meets new characters, becomes very fun to watch and listen to when he is interacting with other characters. Alone, he's neither likeable nor hateable. He's completely neutral when nobody is around. He doesn't have a personality outside interacting with other characters.

The characters you meet are actually quite interesting when you learn their backstories and how they ended up in the city of Seattle. How they handled the realization of being conduits and why they use their powers the way they're using them.

You will come to like these characters and of course hate certain ones.

Delsin loves meeting new people and you will too.


Seattle in Second Son looks amazing.

The color and detail in the world really stands out and when you explore the world. It's colorful and what makes it really great is that this world's design is strongly based on how Seattle actually looks.

The neon signs stand out during night time and the sunsets of the world bring a serene feeling to the environment around you.

The particle effects are no laughing matter. This game can handle A LOT of explosive powers. Each power will have their own particle effects and colors and when you see exactly how much of your power you can unleash on the world without the game's frame rate lagging or slowing down.

You will be very surprised.

My first playthrough of being the good guy

inFamous:Second Son is a super hero, super power open world game.

The marketing line for the game has been 'Enjoy Your Power' and you do.

All the powers you discover bring something new and awesome to the table.

What's great about these powers is that there is no certain way that you are required to use them. Each power is your own and you can use it the way you want to. They do not have required play styles or strategies. You create your own fun.

You have the power to shoot smoke missiles from your hand? Use it however and whenever you want to.

When you're not completing the main story missions there are also many side activities in the world for you to experience to either help make Seattle a better place, become the monster of Seattle or weaken the D.U.P.'s control on the city. Taking out mobile command centers, destroying D.U.P. cameras and secret agents. However there isn't a huge amount of variety. There are quite a few side activities but you won't find a vast variety of side activities to complete.

Which leads me to a criticism of the game. The people populating the world, there's hardly anyone around. The A.I. people in the game are very scarce and the world does not feel alive. The A.I. also react very strangly to what you do and what your karma is like. Savior of all? Someone's still going to run away in fear.

Which then leads me to the morality system. Whether you want to be the Paragon of Seattle or the Bio-Terrorist of Seattle is laid out in black and white choices.

You're either a good guy or a bad guy, that simple. Both have their own rewards but not really a consequence of your actions. The story still moves at the same pace regardless of your choices.

What does make the system interesting is that based on your choices it affects the color of Delsin's attire and color of his powers. It also changes the cut scenes you see when Delsin interacts with other characters and even missions you partake in.

The Verdict

inFamous: Second Son is a game I highly recommend anyone who has a PS4 to go out and buy.

The game is fun with many hours of things for you to do and experience as well as some extra missions for you to do if you're looking for something else to besides the main missions and side activities.

The story is weak but the characters are memorable and interesting.

There are many side activities but there isn't a huge variety of side missions.

It's a fun superhero game  that lets you have fun the way you want to.

inFamous: Second Son gets an 8 out of 10

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