Skyrim:Dawnguard DLC Review

Hello everyone, back again for another review. This time we're going to look at a DLC expansion for the still popular RPG, Skyrim.
DLC has been with modern gaming for so long, some DLC is worth the extra money you pay other DLC packs are obvious money rip offs. Dawnguard on the other hand is the total opposite, I love Skyrim and I still play it today, Dawnguard even in the trailers and info we had prior to release sounded good.

You get to either join an ancient group of vampire hunters to hunt vampires with a crossbow, a set of new armor and even ancient vampire killing weapons. On the other hand you could choose to join the vampires and become a Vampire Lord to bring havok down upon Skyrim and even blot out the sun so you and your vampire companions will make Skyrim empty of blood.

Let's see what's new and where you'll be going in the expansion Dawnguard.

The ancient group of holy warriors known as the Dawnguard is reforming. A prophecy is close at hand, a vampire prophecy about how they will be able to blot out the sun and reign terror down onto the world of living and is coming true. The Dawguard is calling you and other brave souls to make sure the prophecy doesn't come true.

However an ancient race that was believed to be extinct has actually been hiding, and the tool to bring the prophecy true is in their possession.

It's a nice story and might actually surprise you along the way, especially with the story of the ancient race.

There haven't been any major graphical improvements but the new locations you find are either ominous, dark, terrifying or beautiful.

The new map you journey into is called the Soul Carin, the Soul Carin is where souls go when a soul gem is used, it's very dark, creepy and at some times terrifying. Do you really want to find out what's at the far reaches of the map?

You also find the secret passage into the home of the ancient race's home, it's almost like a 2nd Skyrim except smaller.

Honestly you'll be getting the same good Skyrim look only this time you'll be going somewhere new.

Dawnguard doesn't change the way you play Skyrim, it expands on it. You get a new assortment of weapons. the ability to craft new weapons,armor and the iconic Crossbow.

The Crossbow is very different from the standard bow and arrow. You hold down the Right Trigger, let go and the arrow will hit the enemy hard, it has it's own learning curve and comes with a new set of arrows. Instead of using different types of arrows you instead of 2 bolt types, steel bolt and dwarven bolt. Both hit hard but it will be hard to find bolts for the Crossbow due to the fact only the Dawnguard use it, but don't worry you could craft them at forges.

New into Dawnguard however is the Werewolf and Vampire Skill tree. The more hearts you consume with the Werewolf increases your current level, the more bites you perform the more your skill rises and the more perks you can acquire.

I'm not going to suggest which is better to choose, that's simply up to you.

Along with this new story DLC you also get a sloth of new side quests, some which have fantastic loot and rewards you get greatly reward for, so if you want to do EVEN more exploring feel free to do so.

The Verdict
Dawnguard is a great expansion for Skyrim. 20 bucks for an extra 20+ hours of Skyrim is worth the amount of time you put into the game.

There's really not that much at all wrong with the DLC pack, it's more Skyrim and you get to fight off vampires/humans with your new powerful Crossbow and awesome Werewolf/Vampire powers.

I'm going to be rating this differently, since it's DLC.

Skyrim Dawnguard gets a solid 5/5.

Keep an eye on my posts, The Metroid Prime Series review is going to be next.

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