Halo 4-The Improvements and Changes it needs.

Hello all, Gazette here to talk about Halo 4's multiplayer.

Before I go on, I will not deny the fact that Halo 4 is a great game. Honestly it is the best Halo game I have played thus far, Halo 1 of course is a classic but when you compare Halo:Reach to Halo 4 the clear victor is Halo 4.

Bungie simply put, ruined Halo for many of us Halo fans. The graphics, story, campaign and firefight was all right but it was the added Bloom(recoil) and the changes made to Reach that ended up killing the game.

I can not give you a single reason to dust off Reach and play it, not today, not tomorrow, never.

In my opinion I think 343 saw Halo Reach and said to themselves "This is how it ends?! This is not acceptable, we need to make another Halo."

343's first game under their belt and it is amazing.

However it's not perfect. The multiplayer really is the problem.

The multiplayer's connection is terrible, I'm not sure whether or not the kills I'm getting or the deaths I receive are legitimate or just problems with the connection.

A big example of this was yesterday when I was playing CTF(Capture the Flag) I was using the mantis on an enemy crouching still on the rock in the middle of the map and when I was using the turret I received no hit markers, he didn't die, his shields were unharmed.

It wasn't the Mantis' turret accuracy, I know because I kept burst firing and I saw all the rounds hitting the enemy, still didn't flinch.

I've had a pretty bad experience with the multiplayer due to the connection. That needs to be fixed immediately, the servers need to be improved.

Same thing goes for Spartan Ops, I can not enjoy a game of Spartan Ops most of the time due to lag, I'm not sure what it is but any game you try to go in and find some players to play a mission of Spartan Ops is difficult, 9 times out of 10 you're going to be suffering from lag.

First Issue:Server connection.

Speaking of Spartan Ops, we need new maps. Spartan Ops so far has been recycled map after recycled map, we see the same maps over and over, true there is a change in what we do and what we use but so far we've seen the same maps again and again and again.

There's nothing wrong with the mode itself(except the lag) but it's the fact that each week we're seeing the same maps over and over again.

Second Issue:Spartan Ops needs new maps to play on

Next we take a look at the weapons. The multiplayer so far has seen an excessive use of the DMR, everyone uses the DMR. It's because the gun is so powerful and accurate, every other primary weapon is useless.

Some primary weapons you could get away with using but it would be very rare for you to get a double kill or even a SINGLE kill with the Suppressor and Storm Rifle.

Even the Light Rifle is obsolete compared to the Battle Rifle and DMR.

Nothing else except for the primaries are balanced except the Bolt Shot. It's a pocket shotgun, charge up, get up close, let go and the person is dead.

Every other weapon is fine.

Third Issue:DMR is too powerful, we need to see some variety.

Then finally we see what I think is the route of the main problem of Halo 4's multiplayer. The matchmaking.

The matchmaking is random, you could be new to the entire Halo series and when you start off at rank 1, you could play against a team of high ranked players who have unlocked the Spartan Specializations and have played the game hour after hour after hour.

You could be stuck with the assault rifle but when you try playing on a big map like Ragnarok you will be at a very HUGE disadvantage with the enemy team killing you at long range because of the DMR.

Matchmaking needs to have this changed straight away, it needs to be a ranked matchmaking system where you will face people at your rank so that way there may be a chance you will face someone that has had as much experience as you in the multiplayer.

It also needs a preference so that way you can find the type of matches you want to play in, play against casual players, players who want to sit down and have a good time or players that take the multiplayer seriously.

Choose to play against lone wolf players so that way when you come across an enemy that will be the ONLY enemy you face, instead of get shot at from the rest of the team.

Final Issue:Matchmaking needs to be improved with ranked matchmaking and preferences.

At the end of the day Halo 4 is great.

The campaign is fantastic, the graphics are amazing, Multiplayer changes many things but the problems lie with it's server connection, primary weapon balance, matchmaking system and repetitive Spartan Op maps.

343 this is an amazing game seeing as how this is just your first game but please, please if you want to see this game truly blossom into what you wanted it to be, make those few improvements and you've got the makings of the best Halo game we've seen.

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