Call of Duty: Then and Now, The Horror of MW3. Part 2,Final.

Hello again, sorry for the long wait, I've been busy with family issues. If you read my last post about Call of Duty then you saw how well in detail I went into past Call of Duty games leading to Black Ops 2, in this post we will examine the sheer horror of Modern Warfare 3.
After the release of Black Ops from Treyarch, the CoD community was in sheer disgust of  Black Ops and even to this day is considered the worst CoD in CoD history. Terrible hit detection, Gun Clones, poor perk balance and an attempt to make CoD reward the defensive player instead of the aggressive player i.e. camping over rushing.

Modern Warfare 3 was later announced and the CoD community looked to MW3 to bring them back CoD delight, rushing with powerful SMGs, using bolt action snipers to quick-scope and see some old fan favorite weapons come back from MW2.

However there was a lot of controversy when the community finally saw some footage of there supposed CoD from heaven, it looked exactly like Modern Warfare 2.

Animations, graphic design and some copy and paste designs of guns from MW2. The community saw this and feared the worst, hoping that when players had a chance to play the game they would see there was an actual difference between MW2 to MW3. Unfortunately this wasn't the case.

Many gaming networks who had a chance to play the game made many comments such as "Glorified map pack." and "MW2.5".

MW3 lacked any hint of change or innovation into the series, nothing was different or new, the only thing that was new was a few weapons and perks, other wise than the equipment and perks nothing was different between MW2 and MW3.

The multiplayer was a mess. Gun balance was thrown out the window with the Type-95 of the assault rifle category being the most OP weapon in game, the gun had the power of a sniper rifle with no recoil and could out perform a shotgun in close quarter engagements. Perk Balance was thrown out due to the Assassin perk in the Red Perk Tier, the perk made you immune to the UAV, Heartbeat sensor attachment, Counter-UAV, EMP, Advanced UAV and Portable Radar.

Essentially you made the newly added "Support" Strike Package useless, if anyone was using this certain point-streak reward package it would prove to be useless and would not help your chances of winning.

MW3 had mistake after mistake after mistake after mistake. It didn't really have that much to offer anything good for gamers. Alas though players still found a reason or two to stick around and play MW3, some even actually had fun but deep down they knew that this was just a polished version of MW2.

Players found some joy in "Infection" and of course game modes like Kill Confirmed and Drop Zone.

A few months later it was announced, Black Ops 2.
The CoD community saw that their beloved series was heading into the future of warfare and it was going to be an epic joy ride.

Video after video, blog after blog and tweet after tweet about what Black Ops 2 would have in store for the community. However fans still asked the question, is there improvement? Is there change? Is this really a new Call of Duty or is it the same thing we've seen.

As of writing this blog it appears the answer is yes.

Treyarch has done it, innovated and changed the face of CoD.

Black Ops 2 is the answers to CoD prayers, innovation, change and something new to experience.

Back then CoD was a becoming a cash cow instead of hard work released to public eyes, now CoD is seeing the first glimpse of change and hard work actually being seen.

Let's just hope that when it's Neversoft's turn they will respond with the same move, change.

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