Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Weapon Guide:Model 1887 Shotgun.

Hello all, Gazette back again for one more review of the final shotgun to be unlocked in MW3.

The Model 1887.
Remember how awesome this gun was in Modern Warfare 2? Remember Akimbo 1887s?

Those good times and memories are now DEAD thanks to Sledgehammer's botched up delivery of MW3, remember from my past weapon guides how I talked about how shotguns were very inconsistent at any range?

Forget how I said the KSG was the prime example, the Model 1887 IS the prime example and is the only example you need in order to prove how inconsistent shotguns perform in this game.

So let's see what exactly makes this abomination tick.

 The Winchester Model 1887 is the first successful repeating shotgun, designed by John Browning for the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. Originally John Browning thought the shotgun would be better as a pump-action shotgun.

The original 1887 designed was still produced and later Winchester would release the Model 1893.
The shotgun was designed to fire both 10-gauge and 12-gauge shotgun shells and could only hold 5 shells.
The gun was famously used by cow boys out in the west and was famously used by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2.

Let's see how the in game model performs.

In Game
The Model 1887 in game is a moderate-high damage weapon, firing only 8 shells and doing 30 damage per shell up close and 20 damage at range.

Up close the Model without damage will deal a total of 240 damage and at range it will deal a very weak 160 damage. With the Damage proficiency you will do a total of 336 damage and a total of 224 damage at range.

The iron sights are clean but they do not matter, ask anyone who does weapon guides, ask Xbox Ahoy, Raging Amish and Drift0r they will all tell you "Fire from the hip"

Strangely in the multiplayer the 1887 has a 7 shell tube magazine instead of the real world 5 shells, that's a decent size but seeing as how inconsistent the 1887 performs this is a bit of a negative attribute.

Reload time comes in at .65 seconds per shell, if you somehow manage to unload the entire clip you're looking at only a 4.55 reload time, borderline LMG reload time and a tad longer than an assault rifle reload time.

ADS time comes in at .2 seconds, which doesn't matter, again, fire from the hip.

Switch times on the Model is good, but at the same time is awful, you lower the gun in a fast .75 seconds, however the raise time is clocked in at 1.23 seconds. You need Sleight of Hand Pro either from Specialist or your default perk loadout.

The Model is the only shotgun in the shotgun tier to not have any attachment, no optics, no silencer, no grip and no extended mags.

The only thing I can recommend is what Proficiency to use.

Focus is good for keeping a steady aim when firing from the hip. Sounds strange but it works, you will keep on target even when firing from the hip and being barraged by gun fire.

Damage is a good choice but it will be a VERY long time until you get this Proficiency, this is the absolute must have Proficiency for the 1887, you will be able to kill enemies from long range and up close.

Over all the 1887 is a ghost of it's former self from MW2. You will struggle with this shotgun, you will try to kill the opposition and more than likely fail to defeat the opposition.

For your secondary I recommend the MP9 machine pistol, good for long range engagements to fill the gap that the 1887 can't fill.

Your perks.

Either Sleight of Hand or Extreme Conditioning


Steady Aim

You want to get as close as possible to the enemy and not let UAVs and Advanced UAVs stopping your run to the enemy short. You want to be able to be fast and deadly, run into the room to take out the opposition.

Steady Aim is going to keep your hip fire accuracy at it's maximum.

The 1887 is the proof that the developers failed to do good when it came to the shotgun balance. They both made the shotguns primaries and also nerfed them. 

Thank you for reading, I hope this has helped clear up some speculation about the 1887 in MW3.

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