The Art of Games

Hello everyone, my name is GazetteGamer. I have played video games since I was 6 years old, since then not only have I grown up living with video games I have also grown up to understand what video games are, to me video games have become a form of art where it went from bloops and bleeps to wide open landscapes of the Old West in Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption.

To the historically accurate depiction of Venice Italy during the Renaissance in Assassin's Creed II

I have not only grown up with video games, they have grown up as well. Video games are a major form of entertainment in the Entertainment Industry and I can see why, video games have started to bring in free choices for players to make and to allow them to shape the world around them, games like Skyrim allow you to choose your friends, your foes and allows you to do what you want to do without affecting how the game will end, the ending is up to the player and allows him to write his or her own ending in Skyrim.

Not only does Skyrim allow the player to do what he or she wants to do in the world of Skyrim but it also gives them a gorgeous open world to explore and discover jaw dropping landscapes and awe inspiring country sides.

Many games feature unique art design and bring in new concepts of how games are played and experienced, games went from pixels and squares to 3D master pieces that no movie can show us on the big screen.

Of course many people will say that games are not forms of art, that they do not bring anything truly amazing to the Entertainment Industry, more famously Roger Ebert said "video games are not/can not be art" which I must strongly disagree because he himself has never played games.

He simply does not understand why many people play video games nor does he understand why video games are forms of art. He went on to say that "Games are simply about winning, following the given set of rules and choices and winning the game." To which I say is false, gamers such as myself who have grown up with games no longer simply play a game to win it, we play it to experience it.

We bought and played Skyrim for it's new experience and it's new art style we have not seen before, to see landscapes of natural beauty we have not seen before. We played Bioshock to see the hallways and theaters of Rapture to see what 1 man's vision of the future would be, we played L.A. Noire to see what life was like during the late 1940s before we had VHS tapes, DVD players, I-pods and see L.A. before we were born. 

We played Red Dead Redemption to roam freely in the Old West to see what living in the Old West was like.

We play video games because of their art. Their story, their design, their experience, their art.

We do not play video games to win any more, we play to see.

Thank  you for reading this, it means a lot to me, this is my first public blog I have ever written and I hope you enjoyed it.

I hope to see some feedback to read and listen to your opinions, this blog will not only be blogs about video there will also be reviews for games, some of which I mentioned in this blog.

I hope you will continue reading my blogs and you will enjoy them as much as I did writing them.

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