Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Weapon Guide:CM901 Modular Assault Rifle

Hello everyone, GazetteGamer here to bring you guys a weapon guide for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. We will be taking a look at the sadly overlooked assault rifle, the CM901.

The CM901 or Colt Modular 901 is an entry into Colts Modular rifle family, this family includes the M16 and M4 Modular Rifle designs. The CM901 has the same gas impingement operation and can fire a few types of ammunition, the CM901 has several receivers that can fire the NATO standard 5.56mm round, the Remington SPC 6.8x43mm rounds, 7.62x39mm rounds and the NATO 7.62x51mm round.

The CM901 started production in 2010 and is still being produced to this day however the CM901 has not been adopted for regular use by any military force, however the CM9 is available to civilian buyers in the form of the LE901-16S rifle variant.

In game the CM901 has high damage, moderate recoil and a very slow fire rate. The CM901 does a total of 49 damage per shot at close to middle ranges and 25 damage at a distance, the CM901 however has a very long range, the DMG start begins at 20 meters and the DMG drop begins at 48 meters, you will have a very long range for you to quickly drop opponents with the CM9's high damage making the CM9 actually quite effective at a distance if you can manage the recoil.

The recoil for the CM901 is not like most recoil patterns, unlike how most guns have a high vertical recoil pattern the recoil on the CM901 is more shakey, the CM901 will kick to the left and right rather then straight up.

This can be a blessing or curse depending on your view of the matter and how well you can master the recoil.

The iron sights on the CM9 are quite clear thanks to the front three prong post and the ghost ring on the rear post to help you stay on target.

The CM901 has a standard assault rifle magazine size at 30 rounds per magazine, the CM901 has an average AR aim speed of .30 mili-seconds and reloads in 2.33 seconds.

Aiming down the sights of the CM9 grants you an ADS zoom of 1.35x down at a distance.

The CM901 has some fairly average statistics for an Assault Rifle except for the Damage and Range profile let's see what attachments you can put on the CM901.


Red Dot Sight(Unlocked at Weapon Level 2)
The Red Dot Sight removes the iron sights and replaces it with a precision sight that allows you to track targets with a bright red dot. This optic is useful but you will have to control the recoil even more in order to use the RDS properly, the recoil of the CM9 can easily pull the dot away from your target in a mili-second causing you to loose the fire fight.

ACOG Scope(Unlocked at Weapon Level 11)
The ACOG scope grants you enhanced magnification for long range combat, however the ACOG magnifies recoil so you might want to reconsider using the ACOG at any point. The Kick proficiency does help but in my experience it doesn't help enough to be as useful as the ACOG might be.

Holographic Sight(Unlocked at Weapon Level 17)
The Holographic Sight is the slightly upgraded RDS, the Holographic Sight grants better zoom but eliminates any vision to the areas around you. Again recoil will be a problem if you miss a shot you could loose the fight.

Hybrid Sight(Unlocked at Weapon Level 23)
The Hybrid Sight combines the Holographic Sight with an ACOG scope in one, you can quickly swap between sights for different ranges of combat. The Holographic Sight can be used for close and middle range combat situations and the ACOG sight for long range combat, this isn't necessarily a bad attachment rather than one that requires experience so if you can master the recoil at any distance this attachment is for you.

Thermal Scope(Unlocked at Weapon Level 29)
The Thermal Scope allows you to see enemies high lighted in bright white burning figures, it is quite useful for certain maps with low visibility corridors or to be used for long sight lines, however Assassin is a very popular perk and can instantly make the Thermal Scope the most useless attachment in the game.


Silencer(Unlocked at Weapon Level 5)
The Silencer eliminates muzzle flash and removes your red dot on the mini-map when firing your gun, however the CM9 is a power house at most ranges and the Silencer reduces your effective range so avoid the attachment if you want the option of ranged combat.

Grenade Launcher(Unlocked at Weapon Level 8)
The Grenade Launcher is not as effective as it was in MW2 but can still see some use with the perk Recon, if you want to be a true team player then use Recon to paint targets on the mini-map for your team to eliminate and this might turn the game for your team to win.

Heartbeat Sensor(Unlocked at Weapon Level 14)
The Heartbeat sensor allows you to detect enemies in front or around you allowing you to be ready for a soon firefight, getting your weapon ready to fire in a seconds notice. However like I said Assassin is a very popular perk so the Heartbeat Sensor like the Thermal Sight can be quickly made the most useless attachment in the game.

Master Key Shotgun(Unlocked at Weapon Level 20)
Before MW3 was patched the under-barrel shotgun strangely increased the CM9s' fire rate, which made the gun very popular for quick and easy kills but since the glitch has been patched this is no longer the case.

Alone the shotgun attachment is not as good as it sounds, it has a terrible range and one shot kills are very unpredictable and the spread is nothing to brag about either. If you want to use the Master Key then use Steady Aim to decrease the pellet spread.

Extended Mags.(Unlocked at Weapon Level 26)
Extended Mags. increases your magazine size by 15 rounds to 45 rounds per mag. This is a very useful attachment for taking on multiple enemies, especially with the high damage and good range of the CM9 you could turn yourself into a ranged powerhouse with enough ammo to take out the entire team.

If you have used the CM9 up to this point then Extended Mags mixed with the clear irons, the CM9 might become your go to weapon.

As for your Proficiency of choice I only have 2 for the CM9. Kick and Focus.

The Kick proficiency reduces the recoil and is very effective on the CM9. Focus reduces your characters flinch when aiming down the sights and being hit by an onslaught of bullets which might end up saving your life.

For your load out.

Scavenger will keep you supplied with enough ammo to take on opponent after opponent.

Quickdraw will allow you to aim down the sight quickly and will leave your opponent defenseless for your power gun.

Stalker grants faster mobility through the map and when you gain the Pro version of the perk you can make your way through the map avoiding explosives and traps set by enemy players.

The CM901 is sadly overlooked due to the recoil of the CM9, some say it's the worst gun in the game but for those who master the CM9, they realize that the CM9 is somewhat better than most assault rifles.

This was my first gun I got the Gold camo. for and I enjoyed using this weapon a lot and I still use it from time to time when the gun I'm using starts to become very unreliable.

Use the CM9 if any other assault rifle just isn't doing the job for you.

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