Dust: An Elysian Tail PS4 Review

I'm really beginning to enjoy Playstation Plus. I've got to play some pretty cool games through the service.

Dust: An Elysian Tail being one of them, about a few weeks ago this game was on offer for PS Plus members for free, gave it a shot and I am having so much fun with this game,

I didn't play Dust on the last gen systems so I can't make a compare the last gen version of the game to the new-gen version of the game.

After playing it for quite awhile. I see this game as being made by people who love games

This is Dust An Elysian Tail

The Lone Warrior on a Quest

An Elysian Tail introduces you to a faceless warrior named Dust. A man who has no memory of who he is, where he is from and how he ended up in the middle of a forest. Almost instantly a magical sword called the Ahrah that can talk goes to Dust in order to help him discover who he is and how he lost his memory. You are also introduced to a colorful character named Fidget, a small flying animal that was supposed to make sure that the Ahrah was kept within the safety of Fidget's clan.

The three then decide to journey together in the search for Dusts' memory, all while the world around them slowly winds into chaos as monsters begin terrorizing local villages and beyond. The dialogue in the game is well written and for a lot of the voice work by the many many characters you will come across is well acted.

Even characters that you meet along the way that hand out quests later return in order to play a bigger role within the story of the game.

There is even a lot of references to popular video games of the past as well as movies hidden within the dialogue. There's a lot of breaking the fourth wall jokes in the game as well and there's even references to games like Castlevania when you break down a wall with your sword and then find the Mysterious Wall Chicken.

Hand-drawn and Gorgeous

An Elysian Tail is advertised as having hand-drawn environments, characters and world. It shows and therefore the surrounding environments look beautiful. Forests are colorful and filled with all sorts of wildlife and landscapes that catch the eye immediately. Caves you explore are dark, damp yet also hide many wonderful sights to see with colorful crystals and mushrooms that fill the caves with wondrous light,

Characters are each given a unique design and attributes that make them memorable and interesting with their own designs.

Side-scrolling Combat Heaven

I am not going to lie. As soon as the game started up and I got into the combat, I was in side-scrolling heaven.

The combat is so fast, so fluid and you can start breaking out amazing combos and hit chains quickly that the game rejuvenates each time there is a horde of enemies that pop up on the screen, The more you play the game, the more attack combos and skills you find throughout the world makes the combat even MORE spectacular than the game was in the first few minutes.

I keep playing this game more and more and I get so excited by finding a new skill and unlocking a new magic attack to combine with my sword attacks during combat. When there isn't new combos and attacks to look for there are your classical RPG items to enhance your character's attack power and defense. Different types of armor, pendants and weapon enhancements.

In terms of quests, Dust actually has a lot of quests ready to complete as soon as you find the first village. There are a lot of quests that are mostly fetch quests, but the game has such fun combat that going out into the world to find certain materials or go to new locations is fun and doesn't just use up game time. It helps find hidden areas in places you may have explored previously but now you've found a new area that contains treasure or secrets that can help improve Dust's attributes like defense, attack etc.

There's plenty of side-quests to do in the first few minutes of the game you could end up finding yourself completing so many quests that you haven't even begun to finish the main quest. I didn't even reach Chapter 1 until I had already completed 13 quests and was level 15.

And if you are not partaking in the many many MANY side-quests in this game. There are also hidden treasure chests that contain a lot of money, armor, equipment and you may find chests with a secret....a very special secret....

This isn't your average side-scroller

At the end of the day, Dust an Elysian Tail is not your typical side-scrolling action adventure game. It is a game that has such a beautiful world, a fantastic story with well written/acted characters that are each memorable and lovable in their own ways.

The combat is so engaging and fun that when you are on the many quests you participate in the game reenergizes itself that you want to keep playing to continue to explore this amazing world that is ripe for exploration.

Dust:An Elysian Tail gets a great 8 out of 10

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