Destiny(PS4) Review

Destiny has finally been released in full, players have already spent many hours taking out enemies, collecting loot and building up their characters to be the most powerful Titan, Hunter and Warlock in Destiny.

However, Destiny is not the most perfect game the hype may have led you and many others to believe.

What Story?
My warlock has a horn on his head!

There are several story based missions in Destiny, in name, there isn't really a story to Destiny.

There technically is but all it does is establish names of characters and other beings you'll come across in your adventures, but there are no characters to connect to or a reason given to why certain locations you explore are the way there are.

The establishment for a story is there, but unfortunately, Bungie doesn't take the opportunity to tell a story about the enemies you meet or characters you meet. In the Earth story missions you find out that a "war-mind" named Rasputin survived against The Darkness. That's it.

There is no explanation as to why that is significant and why it was important to discover that Rasputin was alive or what a war-mind is in this universe.

You're just the good guy with all the powers taking down the bad guys. No more, no less.

Looks fantastic!
PS4 Share Photo I took

Destiny does look amazing on the new consoles and the consoles of the last generation. There's a lot of color in the environments, massive areas to explore and observe. Earth is almost made into this Fallout like wasteland with nothing but rusted out cars, helicopters and facilities occupying many of the areas you explore.

Venus is now a lush jungle with canyons filled with overgrowth and some areas that used to be occupied by settlers now abandoned and covered in flowers and vines.

There's a lot to see in Destiny, even now that I've finished the "story" there's probably still many areas I have not seen in the world.

Tons of looting and shooting, no variety

 Destiny succeeds is in the basic things with the shooting mechanics, movement mechanics and melee mechanic.
Unfortunately, you will be doing many things over and over and over again.

Story missions lack variety in terms of completing the mission, you'll take on a swarm of enemies to then stop and have your Ghost(played by Peter Dinklage) to hack into a door or a system to find out important information to then take on another swarm of enemies while your Ghost is hacking said door or system.


You will take on a large swarm of enemies, hack a door and take on a boss that's essentially a bullet sponge.

Destiny may be advertised as an MMO RPG but quite honestly, the MMO part really comes true when you go to Destiny's social hub called The Tower. When you're out exploring places like Earth, the Moon and Venus. There's hardly anyone in these areas. Two or three people you may come across but it isn't like you'll be seeing a plethora of players all taking on many groups of enemies.

It is the Tower where you will see a majority of other players.

There is a lot of action within Destiny and it is pretty fun. The feedback you receive from blasting enemies away with automatic rifles, shooting down an enemy with a burst rifle or sniping an enemy with a scout rifle is extremely satisfying for anybody who enjoys first person combat.

I refer you to the video above.

There is a lot of loot to earn within Destiny, either a new and more powerful weapon or more sturdy piece of armor. However, after awhile you'll start to notice that the weapons you find will look and be named the same as a previous weapon you found but with better stats.
 Aesthetically they may have small variations but you'll probably end up like me and find too many weapons with 'Shingen-C' as the name of the weapon you just found.

You would be amazed by how many Shingen C autorifles I have found with my Warlock character.

But to anybody who likes grinding for more loot, Destiny is for you as there is also legendary weapons and armor that require a lot of time completing certain tasks in both the PVE game and PVP game.

Speaking of which...

The Crucible

Destiny's PVP mode I've said before is pretty unique.

The loot you find in the PVE game can be used in the PVP mode, which means that at any time you can swap weapons and armor to have a better advantage in the combat.

The maps are very well designed for medium to close quarter combat and have a lot of space for players to jump and slide around freely giving you a good sense of freedom to move throughout the map to take down opponents.

It's here you can also unlock gear and specific rewards to discover rare weapons and even build up requirements to unlock legendary gear from The Tower.

In my experience the hit detection was solid, hardly any lag to speak of and it was VERY COMPETITIVE.

If you love heavy competitive multiplayer, the Crucible PVP game is for you.

Is this your Destiny?

A lot of people are saying this game was over-hyped, and I agree.

But I think Destiny was too hyped for it's own good. People wanted a lot from Destiny and in many aspects it did not deliver.

There is a very lackluster story with no emotional connections being made or connections to characters in general.

The game does look very gorgeous and is an eye candy for anyone who has the pleasure of playing this game.

In terms of gameplay, there is very little variety in story missions and boss battles but otherwise the combat is very fun and exciting.

There is a lot of loot to find and grind towards in Destiny, but it may turn out you're finding many weapons over and over again with slightly improved stats from the last version of the weapon or piece of armor you found.

The multiplayer is highly competitive and Bungie still knows how to make good multiplayer maps for players to battle on.

I recommend you guys rent or maybe borrow the game first before you decide to spend your money on this. Me personally, I'm still enjoying the game and having fun with it.

But I do wish there was more to Destiny in terms of story, mission variety and loot variety.

Destiny gets a good 7 out of 10

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