Call of Duty: Then and now, road to Black Ops 2 Part.1

Hello all, I want to state something before I go into the topic of this post.

Call of Duty.

This monster of a series is still going strong after 9 years of release after release. This series became popular for many reasons.

Players were given the opportunity to experience WW2 and see the war through the eyes of the soldiers who experienced the war first hand. They were given the opportunity to use historic weapons of old such as the M1GARAND and the infamous M1911 pistol.

After a series of more WW2 COD games we finally went to the modern age in Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare.
The series was refreshed with this new style of gameplay, using M4 assault rifles fighting through Afghanistan and raiding a compound in Russia Modern Warfare was and still to this day claimed as the best Call of Duty title in the series.

The multiplayer is also considered the best, balanced gameplay that rewards the skilled player. There were still some problems with the game here and there but many still said it was a good experience.

Treyarch then later went on to do the last WW2 COD game World at War, that although did have the characteristics of the old COD games still tried to bring innovation to the series, it did not work as the game looked like the last array of WW2 COD games and had a huge problem with balanced multiplayer.

The only thing many say which was the redeeming factor of WaW was the brand new game mode "Nazi Zombies"

This new game mode would later be regarded as the best co-op game mode COD has ever seen(meaning that is the first and only good co-op type mode COD players have seen)

This mode would later be associated with every Treyarch COD game.

After WaW we saw the Modern Warfare series get a sequel with MW2 which did give us more to offer the COD community with the new Spec Ops mode and the revised multiplayer. MW2 was the first to introduce Pro perks and custom set kill streaks, we also saw new unique weapons, shotguns as secondaries, new perks and a ton of new maps.

However Modern Warfare 2 took a turn in how the game was played. MW2 was considered "Noob Friendly" MW2 saw an onslaught of the now widely regarded as the most hated play style "Noob Tubing" players could unlock the grenade launcher attachment and point to a general direction and kill an enemy player while the enemy player simply had no chance to defend themselves.

To continue the "Noob Friendly" trend there were 3 perks that community regarded as the worst in the game.

One Man Army from the Blue Tier allowed players to switch their current class in exchange for another class the player has set up. This does sound somewhat tactical but the players simply used it to have an infinite amount of grenade launcher rounds to fire at the enemy team.

Danger Close from the Red Tier increased explosive damage for grenades, rocket launchers, grenade launchers and equipment such as C4 and Claymore. This increased the chances for noob tube users to slaughter enemy opponents with ease.

The icing on the cake was Commando which increased a players melee distance, this means if two players came face to face and player A was 4 ft in front of Player B and Player A had Commando, that 4 foot gap would easily be filled by one click of the right analog stick.

Many still pushed through the hardships and came on top but many simply fell under the challenge of trying to push their way past Infinity Ward's poor game development.

The next year we saw Call of Duty Black Ops, Treyarch took the reigns of the COD franchise again and instead put us into the time of the Cold War and the Vietnam War, we were introduced to a very story driven campaign and very depth filled multiplayer.

The multiplayer this time around went back to the original COD multiplayer routes, reward the skilled player. This effort was tried but failed, what was going against the game were as follow.

-Terrible Hit Detection

-Weapons being similar to every other weapon in a weapon tier

-3 weapons throwing the weapon balance out the window

-2 perks, Ghost and Second Chance causing a slow down in the games' speed

-Handguns being nothing short of pea shooters

-Rewarding Camping instead of Aggression

The hit detection was questionable as players would fire straight onto target and somehow the bullets vanished into thin air upon reaching the target. This happened constantly as you would fire almost an entire magazine into your opponent and he would simply fire a few rounds and he would kill you, barely saving his life.

The FAL assault rifle was a prime example as with a few pull of the triggers you would not get  a single hit marker and your opponent would kill you baffled not knowing how you didn't kill him and how come he was never injured.

The weapon diversity did not help Black Ops as a one weapon in tier would be similar to the rest with weapon range, damage and fire rate. If you've read my previous weapon guides then you'll know that different weapons will have different stats. This is not the case in Black Ops.

The 3 weapons I am referring to is the FAMAS from the assault rifle category, the AUG from the same tier and the AK-74u from the Sub-Machine gun category. Strange thing is the weapons only did 5 more points of damage then the rest of the SMGs and Assault rifles, who knew 5 points could make such a difference.

Ghost is a Blue Tier perk which made you immune to the UAVs and allowed you to be undetectable  to Portable Radars littering the rooms of Black Ops and show up as a grey blob through thermal sights.

Second Chance allowed players to fall to the ground and pull out a handgun before the player died, this threw many players off as they would either assume the other player was not using second chance and would reload to realize it was a mistake as the opponent pulled the trigger and slaughtered the unsuspecting player.

Unlike MW2 where it had machine pistols for secondaries Black Ops only had handguns and the handguns although said to have high damage it was very low, players would fire shot after shot after shot and not get a kill. If their primary was out of ammo then they could only hope that their handgun would finish the job.

This never happened and only 1 handgun, the Python(.44 magnum) would finish the job.

Black Ops attempted to go to a much more slower paced COD game, this didn't work out well as many people would realize that the game rewards players that are experienced in the camping play style, rather than rewarding the aggressive style players.

You could no longer run into a room with your fast reflexes and dominate the opposition, you would be slaughtered in an instant. Instead players who found a good corner and dug themselves in would reap the benefits and leave aggressive style players in the dust.

Thank you for reading I hope you've enjoyed, stick around for part 2 of this blog to read about MW3 and then finally the impressions of Black Ops 2.

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